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Cedric Myton (born 1947) grew up in the poor fishing village of Old Harbor, Jamaica. He has always had a very electric and powerful persona, as a childhood cricket star and today rebel Rasta leader. Music and the faith of Rastafari has been embedded into this unique individual from the start.

Beginning his professional music career in the mid-1960’s with the Tartans and later the Royal Rases, Cedric honed his songwriting skills. During that same period the faith of Rastafari began to manifest itself more and more in his life. He began to grow his dread locks, eating only Ital foods, and practicing baptism by fire. At a time when the faith was very young and very much feared by the general population it was dangerous to be as outright observant as he was; in fact laws in Kingston, Jamaica were put in place to protect Rastas following a police beating of Cedric Myton in 1976.

A chance meeting between Cedric and fellow Jamaican Rasta Roydel Johnson in the mid-1977 began the career of the Congos. They would enter Lee “Scratch” Perry’s famous Black Ark Studios, joined by baritone singer Watty Bernett to record their landmark first album Heart of the Congos. The sound was haunting and deep with Cedric’s voice leading the way with great power and authority. From that moment on Cedric Myton was known in Jamaica as simply “Congos” and has recorded numerous albums under the name Congos with or without Johnson and Bernett.

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