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Ronald McQueen (also known as 'Ponnic McQueen' or 'Stepper') is a bassist, and one of the original members of the reggae band Steel Pulse.

McQueen is usually credited with naming the band 'Steel Pulse' after a successful racehorse.[1] He was the main bassist for their first four albums, but left on good terms before the recording of Pulse's fifth album Earth Crisis.

He currently lives in Laguna Beach, California, and is a member of the band Mongoose.

Ronnie 'Stepper' McQueen was an integral part of the Handsworth Wood school crew that became Steel Pulse, playing bass and it's he who is credited with conjuring up the band name, taking the name from a popular racehorse at the time. Jamaican-born, his bass can be heard on the three Island albums and True Democracy but he left on good terms after recording and before the release of Earth Crisis in 1984. He's been with Mongoose since 1999. He's a welcome visitor whenever the band play along his part of the American west coast.

Steel Pulse play 'Prodigal Son' live at BBC Pebble Mill Studios, Edgbaston Birmingham in 1978. Lineup: David Hinds (lead vocals, guitar), Basil Gabbidon (lead guitar, vocals), Ronald McQueen (bass),Selwyn 'Bumbo' Brown (keyboards), Steve 'Grizzly' Nisbett (drums), Alphonso Martin (vocals, percussion) and Mykaell Riley (vocals).

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