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Toussaint - Protector of Soul Music, Defender of Roots
With a husky tenor that is the epitome of soul, and with musical influences that range from roots reggae to gospel to neosoul to hip hop, Toussaint carries a sound that is true to his nickname, “the Liberator”. Yet Toussaint remains firmly grounded by his foundational pillars of soul and roots. As a “soul roots” singer unlike any other, and with an epic debut album on tap, Toussaint is poised to break new ground worldwide.

Toussaint began his musical journey in the church. The son of a Baptist preacher and a gospel singer, Toussaint spent the majority of his youth singing in various churches in Indiana. Following a relocation to Boston in 2001, he began to sing with a wide range of groups where he learned to jump easily from the blues, to old-school R&B, to funk, to reggae.

In 2006, Soulive invited him to join the band as their lead singer. Toussaint penned all of the lyrics for the acclaimed group’s album, No Place Like Soul, released on the newly revived Stax label. Touring the world, Toussaint was able to share the stage with renowned artists such as Isaac Hayes, the Rolling Stones, John Legend and the Dave Matthews Band.

2010 finds Toussaint poised for another swell in the storyline of his career. Connecting with St. Croix-based I Grade Records – the label behind several notable reggae releases by Midnite, Dezarie, NiyoRah & others – Toussaint has recorded an epic album of original soul-drenched, genre-defying roots music: Black Gold. Slated for a Summer 2010 release, the album’s first single, “Be You”, is already ringing through the airwaves worldwide, with a video filmed on location in St. Croix. Keep your eyes open for what comes next.

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