viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017


Carl McDonald was born in Kingston, Jamaica and currently resides in Florida. Attended Belle School of Music and Drama, London, England and Herbert Bergoff School of Voice and Drama, New York, USA. Carl aka Ramesses is primarily known as singer-songwriter. Without doubt an artist with Star Quality that brings a display of bright daring and joyful music. Carl has performed at venues throughout the United States, UK, South America, Africa and the Caribbean. Many people have grown to appreciate and respect the unique creative style and smooth voice of this sensational artist.

Carl at original Studio One

Carl's first CD entitled African Countries released in 1997 on the famous Studio One label, working in affiliation with the legendary Sir Coxsone Clement Dodd as co-producer brought recognition to Carl also as Executive Producer. The first time in the Labels history that Studio One had changed its format to a new dimension with the African Countries released.

Carl "Ramesses" McDonald's music will touch your heart, make you smile and even bring a tear to your eyes. It's unique, original, and indescribably awesome.
(Erasmo Almagno Hot 105 FM Italia, Rome, Italy.)

Carl McDonald is one of the most talented singers and songwriters of our time. His music brings a conscious message and the vibe is heartical and true.

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