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ERROL BARRETT is a member of the second generation of Jamaican reggae pop,rock artists. Son of Wailers foundation musician Carlton Barrett, Errol is a multi-talented performer who plays several instruments on the songs he writes and composes. Errol Barrett's music is of the conscious and joy.


Jah Is A Light Man Salvation
There Was A Voice From Creation Say how do we Earn Our Bread

ERROL BARRETT (a.k.a. Akila Barrett) singer, musician and songwriter, is the son of the late CARLTON BARRETT, drummer with the original WAILERS band that backed BOB MARLEY, and nephew of ASTON Family Man BARRETT, also of the WAILERS.
Music has been in Akila’s blood since birth. Much of his knowledge of life and learning came from growing up surrounded by his father and uncle in the center of the most famous creators of Jamaican Reggae music. With such an upbringing, it was clear from an early age that Akila was destined to be a musical force to be reckoned with.
He began his career in 1994 as drummer with Julian Marley’s backing band.
In the past 6 years he has developed his multi-instrument talents, song-writing and performing skills to great advantage, earning self-confidence as well as in-depth knowledge of the music business in the process. Akila spends a great deal of his time with his acoustic Guitar strapped by his side, discovering his own unique voice and sense of style. He soon began boxing a riddim on his guitar to assist him with singing and writing lyrically redeeming songs about personal views and recent life experiences. Akila’s first release ‘HUMAN RACE’ got him considerable airplay and interviews on radio shows and music magazines as far as Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana, London and France. The single is distributed on his own label ONE DROP MUZIC and features an enticing electric guitar solo by Junior Marvin.
Finally, it was time for Akila Barrett to pour his lifetime experiences and talent into an album. To spearhead this potentially enlightening CD, Akila selected Tuff Gong Studio as the highly spirited training ground for him to expose the breadth of his talent and perfect the texture of his voice. At Tuff Gong he gathered around him some of the best veteran musicians Jamaica has to offer, including the renowned Wailers Band, Earl Chinna Smith, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace, Desi Jones, Ibo Cooper, Dean Frazer and Glen Brownie.
The album features evocative and at times provocative conscious lyrics with an overall sound that rocks to the strong hypnotic Roots/Rock/Reggae grooves including elements of DUB true to this genre of music. The improvised guitar tactic of the title track CHANGING PEOPLE works well with Earl China Smiths wah-wah pedal used as a device to emphasize certain parts of the lyrics. Errol’s uncle, Family Man delivers his authentic touch on BABYLON IS BURNIN and Akila himself expands his creative flair by playing the rhythm guitar and the Kette drum on MOTHER OF CREATION showcasing his talent and displaying the Rastafarian consciousness of this young musical artist.
Akila BARRETT singer, writer and bandleader custodian of Vintage Cultural Reggae is dedicated to making ROOTS/REGGAE music. He is bound to generate success on several levels simply because he has a keen sense of motivation, creativity and business knowledge, making him the ideal Artist to become a significant contributor in the music scene today. By drawing on his Rastafarian faith at the forefront of his vision for mythical themes to create seeming interpretations of the reality he witnesses, he takes us on an entire circuit of his personal being composing songs that sound not only fresh but startling.
On his self-produced debut album ‘CHANGING PEOPLE’, Akila Barrett emerges to display a talent that continues the tradition set by his distinguished family and the world-famous musicians they played with.
Akila’s recent musical and promotional achievements have included opening for UB40 and Matisyahu at the Argentina Summer Fest, March 17, 2007, which gave him international fame in Argentina. He also performed at Reggae Punkie Party as the main act that closed the festival concert January 19, 2007 in Cordoba, Argentina and did 3 concerts in Latin America as a solo artist in 2006-2007. He was interviewed live by MTV in THAILAND on September 17, 2005. Also by BBC Radio News in April 11, 2006. And by lain America ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine’s May 2007 issue.
He has also performed as a lead singer with the Wailers Band for 1 month in April 2006, on their USA tour, including their appearance at the House of Blues, Chicago, and many universities. His song ‘Babylon is Burning’ was licensed by ABC NETWORK TV for a television series called ‘JAKE IN PROGRESS’ which was aired March 2006.
In 2003 Akila Barrett was web cast live on the Internet when he performed a vibrant treat for media and guests at the International Reggae Day Festival held at the Bob Marley Museum. Akila was also interviewed by the legendary Gilberto Gill, now Minister of Culture in Brazil, for a film documentary called ‘kaya n’ gan daya’, the most famous Brazilian documentary about reggae music filmed in Jamaica in 2002.
In the past 2 years Akila’s music become popular enough to be played on may radio stations all ar

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