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Born Sameer Coombs in one of the roughest ghettos (Jones Town 'Concrete Jungle') in Kinston Jamaica, Chase was thelast of three children for his mother, life was never an easy task for Chase and his family, even from a tender age poverty would always linger due to the absence of his father, so for survival reasons Chase would often make trips to the country and downtown Kingston to sell various items for a living. While developing a strong love for the music at a very young age chase met his childhood friend Badd Indyan, where they spent a lot of time perfecting their craft and doing a lot of collaborations together before recording their first single in 2003 as a duo, at times Chase would visit his relatives living in Cassava Piece where his mentor Mavado would often encourages him to continue his musical mission because of the strong passion he sees in him, but not long after Chase was sent to live with his relatives in Cassava Piece by his mother due to gang related activities which stems from his home town, while living in Cassava Piece Chase Cross mentor Mavado would take him to the studio on a daily basis eventually chase's perspective of the music was broaden by this experience, after Mavado's successful breakthrough in music Chase started doing the backing vocals for him whenever he performed.

Chase Cross, Gully side / squad, Next from the Gully, Send anyone ah dem! Obviously Chase Cross is no stranger to challenges or obstacles that always tries to derail him while coming across his paths, in 2007 Chase was at a bar where he was shot in the left side of his chest just inches away from his heart where he was taken to the hospital and later approached by members of the security force who handcuffed him to the bed then arrested and charged him for illegal possession of firearm and ammunitions and shooting with intent later that day, Chase spent over a month in jail while healing his wounds, before he was released on bail after which he was set free. Chase continued on his musical path putting in the hard work and nurturing his own career. In 2008 Chase was booked to perform at a show in Miami, while at the venue Chase was stabbed in the back of his head by an unknown assailant, while spending months in hospital it was predicted by doctors that Chase would be crippled and will never be able to walk again but Chase proved them wrong by overcoming his injury and was able to walk once again.

Chase Cross and Mavado, Members of the Gully Squad. Gully side for life! In 2009 Mavado formed the Gully Squad, instantly Chase recorded the hit song "Better days" for producer Dj Frass on the "Clearance rhythm" that brought Chase Cross some recognition in the music industry, chase then followed through with the song "Survivor", as he started doing recordings for a few producers in the industry Chase continues to face the obstacles within the music, with songs such as, Can't Stop Us, and Burnin Up featuring Mavado Chase manages to maintain his composure in the music. In 2011 Chase Cross was all over the media news due to a fallout with one of dancehall's legend Bounty Killer stemming from an incident at a popular nightclub in which one of Chase's friend was shot and killed, leading to a lyrical battle between himself and Bounty Killer.

Chase Cross is now lyrically equipped with a melodious sound and songs that will captivate the ears of listeners all across the world, and with a love so strong and a passion so intense Chase is ready to take the music to the highest heights possible, now with his latest singles "Wild Dem Up", "Anyone A Dem" and "kill The Link" Chase is looking towards raising the bars and achieving his goals while fulfilling his dreams.

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