domingo, 22 de octubre de 2017


From early childhood, Orthodox Issachar was inspired by the talent, achievement and message of some of the great artistes / musicians within the music business. These great artistes include Sam Cook, Bob Marley, Skeeter Davis, Michael Jackson, Grace Thrillers, Diana Ross, Dennis Brown, Kenny Rogers, Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer and Luciano.
On his debut album, Great and Marvelous, Orthodox Issachar has written original songs that cross the boundaries of chant, reggae and gospel on a spiritual level, while covering a broad spectrum of sound from soft and devotional to up-tempo heart-rocking tunes. Each song is a celebration of universal love, inviting a variety of deep feelings and connections.
The CD "Great and Marvelous" was written from his in-depth study of the Bible and personal experience of what life has taught him throughout the years. Orthodox Issachar was inspired by the speeches and actions of great leaders such as Haile Selassie 1st, Prophet Gad (Dr. Vernon Carrington) founder of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela in their attempts to elevate humanity. Songs such as High Priest, We are Called, Fear Jah, Trust in the Lord, Swift Beast, Jah Monarchy and many others reflect his message to the world. He hopes that these words will be a source of inspiration to all those who hear them. Great news for Orthodox Issachar fans across the globe. Orthodox Issachar has completed one of the most exciting and ambitious recording projects of the new millennium.
He has been energized by a fresh creative momentum that has led him to complete a spectacular new album, He Created Everything. This album was written, arranged and produced in collaboration with Sangie Davis, Chinna Smith, Dean Fraser, Ozoune and Orthodox Issachar. You have to check this one out! It is a must listen to album!
The launch of the newest Orthodox Issachar album "He Created Everything" compiled with a CD and a music DVD is yet another milestone in the development of Orthodox Issachar and reggae music, it places him in the forefront of the new wave of conscious cultural music.
Most recently Orthodox Issachar has been working in conjunction with Twelve Tribes of Israel, New York branch with a single called "Dem Gone". This song is featured on the "Shine Your Light" compilation CD.
His dream is to create music that joyfully celebrates life. Orthodox Issachar wants to share his heart-felt music with others. He also wishes his music to be an inspiration to embrace life with passion and purpose. He is committed to the spiritual and socio-economic upliftment of others. Jah Love and Bless you all.

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