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Donny Dread has long been one of the VI's most creative producers and artists.

Donny Dread , St. Croix U.S Virgin Island"

Is a well known Reggae Artist Performing Live performances all over the world. He grew up at St. Croix amid musical inspiration.

Music is in born to him and he is a natural artist. By age ten he was writing his own songs. By the age of thirteen he had already formed his own band. He used to play on numerous STX. recordings like Heed Jah Call, Nemozian Rasta, etc. Weep Not, was where his voice was first heard at.

The Pictures and History of Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, King Tut, Queen Nafertiti and other African Heroes inspried him and provided him with a solid base and understanding.

Donny Dread Founded Groundbreaking Records in St.Croix along with his brother Dale Melody around 2000. Donny Debut's Album is named "Set de Pace". It appears on his own Label Groundbreaking Records . Donny Dread approach is "Reality don't hold back style .

"Donny Dread Salaciously Entertaining"

Donny Dread combines swagger with substance without losing a step while revealing his thoughtful side, his spirit and his lyrics are humble yet profound speaking of unity, truth and honesty of spiritual values.

Donny's Dread consicous, healing music with a one love life style distributes seed of organic thoughts, arts and music. His Debut Album "Set de Pace", has a lot of peaks and valley it's a well organized adventure that if in the right mood and setting will guide you into the vibration of the sounds.

His music builds a true essence of the trance it flows you through the many levels of your own motions and spaces it guides you into valleys of meditaion to heights of beat attacks. Look out for this profound Artists who is on the rise !

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