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Name: Ludrick Lake
Henry "Boone" Lake
Lucien "Kadaf" Lake

Residence: St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

Lake Brothers Kadaf, Boone and Drake form the foundation for the Jacob Seed band. Their Ground Control Studio recordings includes the 2003 debut 'Heed Deh Call', along with the most recent project 'Equal Rights & Justice'.

The Jacob Seed Band is a unification of mainly six members out of St. Croix, USVI was formed in the late nineties. Three members of the band are brothers; they represent the drums, bass, rhythm guitar and vocals. The three brothers grew up in the thick busy hilly region of the island with many sorts of fruit trees called Sion Hill. Thus, the brothers were influenced early by roots music, by radio then through records. Their main influences were Peter Tosh, Third World, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Steel Pulse, Aswad, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and the Burning Spear. Yet their inspiration to pick up instruments came from another source. The brother’s aunt, their father’s sister also had three sons in the same age range as the Lake brothers. These three brothers, the Watty brothers, were already playing the drums, bass guitar and controlling a full D.J. system with many selections. This gave the Lake brothers the interest in instruments, music and sound. Still the brothers desire to be exposed to real instruments instead of pots and pans and homemade guitars were still far away. Their father being a construction worker, who later acquired a seagoing vessel to transport cargo like his father before him did not want his boys to play music. He wanted them to learn the trades of the family very early, which were to being able bodied seamen and skilled construction workers. After many years of discipline through travelling on the sea, the brothers now men, decided to put a real band together. Lucien (Kadaf) the oldest chose the drums because he always loved beats. Henry (Boone) the second oldest was always drawn to bass and deep sound, and Ludrick (Drake) the last brother learned to play the guitar. Ludrick while on the sea had time to read and research gaining qualities to become a vocalist. The three brothers rehearsed and created songs and through faith were joined by a long time friend named Luke Defoe, who is well skilled in playing the percussions. Lambert (Stinger) Johnson a professional guitarist was pleased to find serious hard working brothers and became a member. The keyboard position was a little more difficult to hold down. First was Danny (Dread) Connor, who later left the brothers for other sights. A very promising brother by the name of Tafari Maynard joined the group who was later murdered in a gun battle. Through the mercies of the Lord, they met Harry Mo, a well skilled and experienced musician devoted to truth and righteousness. According to the brothers, it was humble match. It was then that the band Jacob Seed was formed. The name represents the scattered offspring of Jacob (Israel) the descendents of Abraham. To this very day the brothers are quick to thank the Most High for love, righteousness & family. Jacob Seed

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