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Kevin Christopher Roberts, aka Natty King or the "Man from the East“´
His first appearance in the music industry, was with hits like
“Mister Greedy” and “No Guns To Town”.
Believed to be one of the members of conscious music,
he draws his inspiration from reggae pioneers The Wailers,
Burning Spear, and his personal role model Luciano.
It was in 2002 when Natty King recorded „No Guns to Town“
on the Two-Miles label, which took off like a rocket
sitting at the top of numerous reggae charts nationally and overseas.
His follow up single “Mr. Greedy” on Insight Records
also went No.1 on the local charts. Incidentally, “No Guns To Town”
and “Mister Greedy”, videos were also No.1 on the Video Chart in Jamaica.
Since his emergence, Natty King has graced the stage of Sting 2003,
East Fest 2003 & 2004 Rebel Salute & Dancehall JamJam.
Also Western Consciousness and Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest
all held in 2004.
In all these shows Natty King showed the world that he had indeed arrived.
He was voted number one rural artiste for 2003, in Jamaica,
he also copped the 2003 award in the Best New Entertainer category
at the 23rd International Reggae and Word Music Award (IRAWMA)
in Manhattan, New York, as well as the Jamaica 2003
Jamaica Federation Music Award (JFM) for Best New Singer.
After this massive success in jamaica, Natty King started touring the world !
(mainly US and europe). He has attended on several major reggae festivals
incl. Rototom Sunsplash in Italy, Upsalla Reggae Festival in Sweden,
JahSound Festival in France, Reggaejam in Germany,
The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival & the Bob Marley Festival (CA)
in the US and many many others.
Since late 2007 Natty King has been constantly working on his second album , together with executive producer Lennart Tacke and the Label „House of Riddim“ from Austria.After touring in europe with the House of Riddim Band in 2008 & 2009, the recording of the Album moved on to it´s final stages. This new Album (and just the second official one from Natty King over all) is loaded with cultural one drop reggae and statements from Natty King about our society & his struggles in daily life.

The Album BORN TO BE FREE includes 16 Tracks,
featuring collaborations with The Original Gangalee“ Louie Culture,
another artist from the East of Jamaica
(Parish Portland) and the current Mega-Star Fantan Mojah
on the song "Herb from the Westside“.
The first single „Real Herbalist“ (Released in 2008)
was a major success in europe
The 2nd & 3rd single of the album (both releases in 2009)
are "The Truth“ (produced by House of Riddim) and „Purge Dem“
(by Bassrunner Productions),a tune that is currently burning up the dancehalls worldwide …as part of the Prison Break Selection.
From you love quality cultural roots reggae,
you will love the album from this young emerging rastafarian singer
outta Jamaica.

As of 2014 the artist has been added to many international top riddims & production selections globally

~ “BEST OF NATTY KING” Special Collectors Edition ~
Now the world is waiting for more from "The Man from the East“
– Natty King!!!

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