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Wayne McArthur and The Universal Players are a UK based roots rock reggae outfit hailing from Luton ~ a rise to the call for a fresh, young sound in cultural music. The band is lead by founder/singer/songwriter Wayne McArthur of reggae music production label ‘ Moon Wave Music’ which has kept up a good strong track record in musical releases over the years. Wayne is a self-taught musician and writes songs promoting global unification that comes from both the heart and his deep Rastafari faith ~ check the releases ‘Universal Harmony’ and ‘When Will There Be Peace’ to get a taste for the sound system anthems that are live in the roots and culture grapevine.

‘ Universal Harmony’ was where Wayne got seriously into song writing and recorded the album tracks on an 8 track recording TASCAM 38 which he acquired to be an independent record label; this was after an introduction to the UK roots rock reggae scene back in 1987 with the production of ‘The Good That You Do’ a 12” recorded in Ariwa Studios ~ home of the Mad Professor himself Neil Fraser, who provided the backdrop that started Wayne’s label production efforts with backing by Black Steel ~ a multi-skilled musical outfit.
Over the years Wayne has kept busy with new musical offerings working and collaborating with various artists and producers to bring about the release of well received albums such as ‘Dread Music Affairs’ and the dub wise album ‘ Love Faith & Belief’ ~ a musical extravaganza with Russ Disciple of Backyard Movements providing the rhythms.
The 12” release ‘Roots Criteria’ is due for release on 23rd January 2012 ~ keep up with the release and retail outlets through this blog and Wayne's Facebook page.

Influences include The Meditations, Israel Vibration, Alton Ellis, Carlton Livingstone, Ijahman Levi, Errol Dunkley, Tappa Zukie, John Holt, Steel Pulse, Michael Rose, Tony Rebel, Wailing Souls, U Roy and the Twinkle Brothers to name but a but a few..

Wayne’s aspirations are to keep the reggae music fire burning and with guidance and assistance from The Almighty to deliver a simple but conscious message as he and his band travel wherever the music wave takes them.

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